Choose The Ideal Tooth Replacement

Losing a tooth can be life changing but doesn’t have to be permanent. Dental implants are the only permanent solution in the market today. They have a natural appearance and will help you get back to feeling proud and confident in your smile. Implants are a surgical way of replacing teeth. It consists of an implant body or “screw” like structure and a healing cap, which is placed on the implant body.

The implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone, essentially replacing the root of a tooth. They are primarily made of Titanium, a metal that is frequently used in other forms of replacement surgeries. For example, hip or knee replacements. Unlike other tooth replacement options, like partial bridges, partial dentures or complete dentures, implants provide permanent benefits to your health, jaw function and smile. By replacing the root of a tooth, implants provide necessary stimulation for a healthy jaw bone. Above the gum line, they look great and are strong enough to support your bite allowing you the ability to eat more solid or tough foods you weren’t able to before. The benefits are most evident when patients need multiple or all of their teeth replaced. You’ll see your health and confidence improve. Best of all, you’ll love your smile again!

Improve Oral Health And Function

Dental implants truly are the ideal tooth replacement solution, but the benefits go further than providing aesthetic improvements to your smile. By taking the place of a tooth root, dental implants act just like your natural teeth. Under the surface, they are providing the necessary stimulation for the jaw bone. Above the gum line, they look beautiful and are strong enough to support a more balanced diet that includes tough or solid foods like meat, nuts, fruits, and vegetables—improving your oral and systemic health. This benefit is most evident when patients need many or all their teeth replaced, such as with full arch dental implants.